Active Control or Static Carbon Fiber Race Wing

Active Control or Static Carbon Fiber Race Wing

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Aeromotions was founded by a few engineers and racing enthusiasts who wanted to go faster. Inspired by racing legends such as Jim Hall of Chaparral fame, the team developed products to put active aero in the hands of  racers and car enthusiasts around the world.

Born in a Wind Tunnel
The Dynamic Wing™ was born in a wind tunnel at MIT.   Countless hours of refinement – through Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling – led to its signature high downforce, low drag design. While we were working on the 180mph S varient, Budez contacted us to build the ultimate super car wing, the 200+ mph S2. Tailor made for the Budez GT-R, and optimized through full car CFD, this new wing has become the gold standard for GT-R’s.

Refined on the Race Track
On December 29th, twelve R35 GT-R’s took over Race #13 CW at Buttonwillow.  Running on the highly modified Budez GT-R, the Dynamic Wing S2 shaved an average of 1.29 seconds off the two minute lap time with pro driver Gary Sheehan at the wheel.

After a full day of testing the wing, Gary summarized the experience:

“. . . the AeroMotions guys were great to work with and turned a bit of a skeptic into a believer. Once we got the wing dialed in and turned it to Active mode, it gave the car quite a bit more stability despite the awkwardness of the [street] tires and inspired a lot more driver confidence.”

In pre-release testing, we let an R2 loose in the Tire Rack’s One Lap of America. Installed the day of the first event, and running the plug and play tune, our newest wing broke a 5-year-old wet skid pad record – .953G on street tires. Since then, R2’s have been claiming track records in Time Attack. What will the R2 do for your car?

For half the price of a Dynamic Wing, start with the record-setting static R2. With its signature high downforce, low drag design, the static R2 has been helping teams clinch track records. Down the road, you can add the Dynamic Upgrade Module to reduce lap times, and gain in-cabin tuning.

While some series don’t allow active aero, Dynamic Wings have been showing up as a pure tuning tool. The in-cabin remote lets you quickly dial in the aero during test sessions. The built in lock out feature lets you run the Dynamic Wing in full static mode for the race. Quick tuning helps save you track time and money

Wind tunnel designed and race-proven, the AeroMotions Dynamic Wing™ gets you around the track faster. Every Dynamic Wing™ is computer controlled, adjusting the wing angle to deliver the right downforce for each section of the track. This plug and play package provides ample downforce when cornering, more downforce under braking, and less drag on the straightaways.
Using Patent Pending technology, the ADAPT controller monitors acceleration, braking, speed and lateral G’s to provide the right downforce for every section of the track.   These plug and play wings take the guesswork out of your aero package.

Track time is expensive, and there never seems to be enough. Want to try your own tune? Dynamic Wings™ make it easy. Using the in-car remote, you can add downforce, one degree at a time, with the click of a button. Back-to-back comparisons of hot laps let you dial in the aero like never before.

The R2 Dynamic Wing™ is for Track, Time Attack, and Drifting. It’s available as a complete Dynamic Wing package, or for half the price, as a record-setting static wing that can be upgraded to a Dynamic Wing down the road.
The S2 Dynamic Wing™ is for super cars, and teams that need the best. Internal actuators, titanium hardware, and extreme heat sinking tailor the S2 for mid and rear-engine super cars. With the split wing blade, full track-side tuning, and weighing 40% less than the R2, the S2 is the best Dynamic Wing available.

computer designed | wind tunnel tested

total-pressure-01-clean_thumbComputer Aided Design (CAD), and Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling gave the Dynamic Wings™ their signature high down force, low drag design.
plug & play
Dynamic Wings™ run a plug and play tune that makes setup a snap. Mount the wing to your car, plug it in, and go play!

remote control
Remote_thoumb_1Adjust your wing angle from the drivers seat. Save track time and quickly find the right setup. 




Below are the 4 different versions you can get.

  • Aeromotions R2 Static Wing
  • Aeromotions R2.ONE Dynamic Wing
  • Aeromotions R2.TWO Dynamic Wing
  • Aeromotions S2 Dynamic Wing 

Designed to be best, every component on the S2 was selected to minimize weight and drag. Using teardrop shaped uprights from an airplane, Formula 1 grade Carbon Fiber, and Titanium internals, this wing packs heat.

Hypnotic to watch, the split wing was pioneered by Nissan on the famous R381. Winning the 1968 Japanese Grand Prix, this innovative weight transfer mechanism quickly proved its value. As your car turns, the wing splits to provide more downforce on the inside wheel. What’s it worth? About .1 seconds off a two minute lap time. Watch video of the Dynamic Wing S in action >>.

While the S2’s come with a plug and play tune, the controller gives you full access to modify the tune. Push button adjustments let you pit in, make changes in seconds, and get back on the track. Complete control of your aero made easy. 

Base Price $1699 $3249 $3499 $5299 $7299
Speed Rating 200MPH 200MPH 200MPH 180MPH 200+MPH
Wing Blade Single Single Single Split Element Split Element
ADAPT Controller O Stage I Stage II YES YES
Stage II Control Map     YES   YES
In Cabin Remote   O YES YES YES
Push-Button Advanced Tuning       YES YES
Start Up Motion Check   YES YES YES YES
Wing Angle Output for Data Loggers     YES   YES
Enhanced Actuator Cooling   YES YES   YES
Carbon Fiber Wing Blade Standard Standard Standard Pre-Preg (Dry) Pre-Preg (Dry)
Center Plate       O YES
Electronic Lockout Feature   YES YES YES YES
Angle Adjustment (deg) 16 16 16 14 14
Total Weight in .lbs (kg) 12.5(5.7) 17.5(7.9) 17.5(7.9) 11.5(5.2) 11.0(4.7)





Data Info Below

Supplying ample downforce when needed, and lower aerodynamic drag on the straits, the Dynamic Wing S shaved 2.36 sec off a lap around ThunderHill.   Here are the results and video from our road course test at ThunderHill.  Below you can find the details of the test, the methodology used to analyze the data, and a summary of the results.



The Car: JP BMW M3

JP M3  Pitot Tube 

JP M3 & Pitot Tube

  • The car is a BMW E36 Coupe prepared for BMWCCA J-Prepared and NASA Time Trials.
  • 210whp, 3.91 Limited Slip Differential, 5-Speed
  • Full cage, 2983lbs w/ driver
  • TCKline Koni Double Adjustables with full coilovers, Ground Control Sway Bars, delrin/poly bushings all around, etc.
  • 255/40/17 Nitto NT01 R-Compounds on 17×9s
  • Equipped with AeroMotions Dynamic Wing S

The Driver: Rick Vijeh

Rich Vijeh (RichV) is an accomplished SCCA and NASA racer with a number of SCCA Solo National Tour Titles and an SCCA Solo National Championship Trophy under his belt. He is within an eyelash of the track record at Infineon Raceway for BMW J-Prepared and has a wealth of experience at the ThunderHill track where we ran the test.

After installing the wing, Rich V had the following comments:

“The car definitely felt like the rear end was more planted. The lap times were definitely faster.”

During part of the baseline testing, the wing was run with a fixed angle of attack. After engaging the Dynamic Aero Processor (active control), Rich V commented:

“When we went active, I noticed it most in turn 8. It’s the highest speed turn at ThunderHill. It wasn’t scary at all through turn 8. It stayed planted.”

The Methodology

We conducted the tests over a single day at a small test event at ThunderHill after a weekend of Time Trials. Weather and track conditions stayed consistent throughout the day and there was plenty of rubber on the track line from a whole weekend of racing prior to the test day.

The test consisted of a number of sessions running each of the following configurations:

Configuration Description
No_Wing Car with no rear wing
Static AM Dynamic Wing S Mounted, Fixed Angle of Attack, Endplates
Active AM Dynamic Wing S Mounted, Aeromotions Dynamic Aero Processor Active, Endplates
Active_CenterPlate AM Dynamic Wing S Mounted, Aeromotions Dynamic Aero Processor Active, Endplates, Centerplate









We made no other adjustments to the car setup during this test.

We gathered the data and did the following statistical filtering:

  • We threw out in-laps and out-laps
  • The driver ran extremely consistently – within a few tenths between nearly every lap on each session. To compute a representative lap-time for each configuration we threw away laps which were 1.5 standard deviations above and below the mean for the complete set (yes, this means throwing away some fast laps in each configuration, too).
  • We picked the lap closest to the left of the mean lap time for each set as the representative lap. This is to illustrate the typical difference one should consistently expect from running each configuration.

The Results

Configuration Representative Lap Time Description
No_Wing 2:10.105 Car with no rear wing
Static 2:09.274 AM Dynamic Wing S Mounted, Fixed Angle of Attack, Endplates
Active 2:08.419 AM Dynamic Wing S Mounted, Aeromotions Dynamic Aero Processor Active, Endplates
Active_CenterPlate 2:07.736 AM Dynamic Wing S Mounted, Aeromotions Dynamic Aero Processor Active, Endplates, Centerplate














See a Turn by Turn analysis »

  • Corvette
  • Camaro
  • Firebird
  • Smart
  • Cadillac
  • V-Rod
  • Hummer
  • Mercedes Benz
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