C5 Non-Pop Up Headlight Installation Instructions

C5 Non-Pop Up Headlight Installation Instructions

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C5 Non-Pop Up Headlight Installation Instructions







1-     Disconnect your battery and turn the headlight adjuster to raise the light. PIC 1.




2-     Remove three Phillips screws from the headlight bezel and remove the bezel. PIC 2.







3-     Remove the headlight cover by removing four screws: two in the rear (bend down halfway to reach them), and one on each side. PICS 3&4







4-     Locate and remove three 10mm nuts supporting the headlight assembly to the fender panel (use 10 mm socket and racket). PIC 5







5-     Remove two bolts from inside the frame that supports the headlight assembly (use ½ socket).







6-    Raise the headlight assemblies enough to unclip both light bulbs. At this point, locate and cut the wires for your headlight motor. (Use electrical tape on the cut wire that goes to your wiring harness). PIC 6.







7-    Remove the headlight assembly and set it aside.







8-    Remove torque head screw closest to the headlight from the fender and the screw (99-01 plastic holder tab) from the bumper closest to the light. PICS 7&8.







9-    On 1999 and 2001 insert the U-nut provided into the bumper hole so you can screw in the ¼ S.S. screw back afterwards.







10-Take B.P.P.’s headlight bracket and mount it to the fender section onto the three existing studs. Take the turnbuckle (used to support the tub assembly) and place it through the stud (curved end facing up) closest to the center of your vehicle. Use the original nuts to support the brackets at this point. Do not tighten the nuts. PIC 9.




11- Take the electric connector for the fan and use the terminal splicer to connect the red wire to the tan wire of your low beam connector. Take the remaining black wire and screw it to the frame using the existing hole and bolt for a ground. PIC 10.




12-Mount the headlight tub onto the mounting brackets. PIC 11.







13-Position the lens cover over the tub assembly.







14-Position the lens so there is an equal space all around the edges. Now remove the lens and tub assembly and tighten the mounting brackets.




15-Align your low beam by adjusting the bubble level to the 0 mark, using a Phillips screwdriver at the top of your low beam light. Take the factory harness and connect it to the low and high beam lights.




16- Remount the tub and lens assembly. Take the S.S. screws and place them through the lens and tub. (Use the longer S.S. screw so it can go through the turnbuckle with a washer and nut on the other side.) Be careful to just snug the screws without cracking the lens. Install the two screws that support the tub to the fender and bumper. Do not tighten them at this point. You may need to enlarge the hole in the tub to match the holes in the fender and bumper (further details below.)








Close the hood and center the lens. Open the hood again and tighten the screws that support the tub to the fender and bumper. PIC 12-16.




You can also attach a spring from the front lens tip down to the factory spring just below.




Please contact us should you have any difficulties with the installation of you headlight set.







Breathless Performance Products




Tech support: 954-925-7725










Once you have painted the tubs to match the car, take the foam provided and adhere it to the outer edge of the tub. This will be used as a buffer between the lens and the tub. Mount the grill and fan under the tub using the screws provided.




Note: You will need to drill the tubs on the two mounting points to match your cars screw hole.


  • Corvette
  • Camaro
  • Firebird
  • Smart
  • Cadillac
  • V-Rod
  • Hummer
  • Mercedes Benz
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